Dentistry Impacts Your Overall Health and Quality of Life

How does Dentistry Impact Your Overall Health and Quality of Life? At any given point in time, you have over 500 species of bacteria living inside...

Filter Marshes in Southwest Florida Clean Water

Natural Pollution Control at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida’s Filter Marsh One of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida's most picturesque natural settings happens to be...


Cape Coral Earns Environmental Sustainability Award

Cape Coral Earns Environmental Sustainability Award Cape Coral Sustaining Excellence When most people hear the word “sustainability,” biofuels and windmills and solar tubes dance through their...



What Sustainability Means to Me

#WhySustainability From Jennifer Nelson & Goodwill Industries of SWFL, Inc. Growing up with an immigrant mother and grandparents, I watched them work very hard to...

Porter Goss Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

“Porter Goss forged a community committed to a unique focus on protecting the environment as the community’s top priority. As Sanibel’s first Mayor, Porter Goss put into place environmental protection legislation that has endured the test of more than four decades of assault." - Kevin Ruane, Mayor, City of Sanibel
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FGBC Presents ‘Florida Green’ Certification to Babcock Ranch

ORLANDO, Fla. (December 10, 2018) – Southwest Florida’s Babcock Ranch, with sustainability designed into the entire fabric of the community, has been certified a...