Old Henry: “Buy a Vowel, You Idiot!”

First Ever Sustainable Comic Strip Focused Entirely on Sustainability in Florida! Old Henry and Ralph Talk Population Density & Transportation.

Scott Guelcher Art

Scott Guelcher is an artist whose unique style of art has become well known in Southwest Florida. This blend of Pop Art Images and...


ECHO Emphasizes Urban Sustainability, Fights Hunger

ECHO is a non-profit organization that emphasizes urban sustainability, especially through its community gardens program, in an effort to fight hunger.



That’s Just an American

Americans Are Modern Day Samaritans There’s a story about a woman named Kristyn Dominy in Florida who was driving her car with her young child...

Water Quality and Sustainable Landscape Design

It can be argued that landscape architects are some of the most creative professionals and experts. Not only are they artists, they also have...
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FGBC Presents ‘Florida Green’ Certification to Babcock Ranch

ORLANDO, Fla. (December 10, 2018) – Southwest Florida’s Babcock Ranch, with sustainability designed into the entire fabric of the community, has been certified a...