That’s Just an American

Americans Are Modern Day Samaritans There’s a story about a woman named Kristyn Dominy in Florida who was driving her car with her young child...
Sustainable Communities in Pre-platted Municipalities

Sustainable Communities are Critical for Good Stewardship and Economic Development

Sustainable Communities Focus on Long-Term Results & Quality of Life Sustainable communities start from the ground up, literally. Before building plans are made or funding...


Peace Day in the Park

Peace Day in the Park “Our systems are failing us, our society feels broken. We can see it every day all around us. Violence, bullying...



Flux Capacitors, Tesla Engines, and Innovation

It’s 2015. According to “Back to the Future II” we should be getting around in flying cars by now and the Cubs will beat...

Southern Fresh Farms Harvests Sustainable Agrotourism

“Southwest Florida historically has its roots in two areas: agriculture and tourism,” explains Robert “Bo” McMahon III in discussing the term “Agrotourism” in relation to his family’s Southern Fresh Farms.

Zika Virus

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FGBC Presents ‘Florida Green’ Certification to Babcock Ranch

ORLANDO, Fla. (December 10, 2018) – Southwest Florida’s Babcock Ranch, with sustainability designed into the entire fabric of the community, has been certified a...