Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy is Vice President of Corporate Relations and Membership for the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association and has been involved in the hospitality...

Farm to Fork: Slow Food Southwest Florida

A great chef expertly mixes ingredients to achieve heavenly sublime. Dave Rashty succulently achieves this harmonic bliss as the Chef de Cuisine at Jack’s...


Flux Capacitors, Tesla Engines, and Innovation

It’s 2015. According to “Back to the Future II” we should be getting around in flying cars by now and the Cubs will beat...



Porter Goss Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

“Porter Goss forged a community committed to a unique focus on protecting the environment as the community’s top priority. As Sanibel’s first Mayor, Porter Goss put into place environmental protection legislation that has endured the test of more than four decades of assault." - Kevin Ruane, Mayor, City of Sanibel

Quality of Life for Today and Tomorrow

A special thank you to all the panelists, moderators, artists, sponsors, friends, supporters and volunteers who have helped to put together the 2015 SWFL Sustainability...
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FGBC Presents ‘Florida Green’ Certification to Babcock Ranch

ORLANDO, Fla. (December 10, 2018) – Southwest Florida’s Babcock Ranch, with sustainability designed into the entire fabric of the community, has been certified a...