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Screenings Set for ‘The Favored Strawberry’ Sustainability Project Film

From farm to film and one side of campus (University of Arkansas) to the other, several departments at the University of Arkansas have collaborated...

ECHO Emphasizes Urban Sustainability, Fights Hunger

ECHO is a non-profit organization that emphasizes urban sustainability, especially through its community gardens program, in an effort to fight hunger.


Sun Farmers in the Sunshine State: How Solar is Now Viable,...

Solar is Now Viable, Affordable Bill Johnson explained that only a couple of companies were doing solar paneled shade screens, and Apollo Sunguard was ahead of...



Storm Smart Clean Water Pledge

The Storm Smart Clean Water Pledge is a commitment for people who want to do something about improving water quality. Standing together we can accomplish...
Sustainable Communities in Pre-platted Municipalities

Sustainable Communities are Critical for Good Stewardship and Economic Development

Sustainable Communities Focus on Long-Term Results & Quality of Life Sustainable communities start from the ground up, literally. Before building plans are made or funding...




FGBC ‘Florida Green’ Hits Major Milestone with 20,000 Certified Projects

The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC), the leading certifier of green residential and commercial construction, land developments and local governments in the state, has...