Andy Lynch is the Director of Plant Operations at LeeSar. A thirty year resident of Lee County, he resides on Sanibel Island. He has been a general contractor for the state of Florida for 28 years and a real estate broker for 18. Andy specializes in the construction of hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, medical office buildings, residential communities, high rises and industrial buildings for mixed use.

Andy presented a workshop that covered: “Sustainable Business: ‘How LeeSar Saved Money Through Smart Facility Management'”

During LeeSar construction, the cost to build green was prohibitive. Since completion the management at LeeSar has taken a very proactive position to make the facility as energy efficient as possible. The steps taken were as follows:

  1. Installed a Thermal Energy Storage system which let the air conditioning chillers run at “Off Peak” hours saving approximately $150,000 in electricity costs over the course of a year.
  2. Installed water meters to supply water to the boilers and chillers so sewage costs are not incurred.
  3. Installed LED light bulbs with a 14 year life expectancy in the existing fixtures without changing ballasts to save money on electricity and the labor which would have been required to change bulbs every 2 years.
  4. Installed fans in the Distribution Center to reduce air conditioning costs and continue to maintain room temperature.