This time of year is always a time to reflect of the past and create a new future, the holidays are exciting, stressful and exhausting. It often feels like a roller coaster ride, and we look back and think what just happened? How do we keep yourself grounded, stress free, and joyful without losing our minds?

As a body worker, pain therapist, massage therapist, healer, I see bodies that are so stressed out, exhausted, drained, full of anxiety, full of aches and pains and just full of grief! As a society we don’t stop to smell the roses. We are go-go-go and do-do-do for everyone but ourselves. The body is an amazing machine and really can handle a lot of internal, emotional, and physical stress. The thing is it can’t keep it up without falling apart. Why would you want to let it?

The body is a physical, spiritual, and emotional being that needs a balance to feel great. Body work is such an important part of feeling great. It no longer is a necessity; it’s an absolute must.

I love the analogy of the car. Most of us will have our car serviced every so many miles. We make sure we have air in our tires, and our car gets an oil change. We might even wash it regularly because, let’s face it, a car drives better clean. Why do we do these things? So that the car will last longer, drive better, and cost less in repairs. YOUR body is your vehicle that needs to last a lot longer than your car. Regular massage, acupuncture and chiropractic care is part of your oil change, pumping up your tires, and the service it deserves; it is your body’s maintenance and will cost you less in doctor bills in the long run.

Most people don’t realize what you put in your body in terms of thoughts, emotions, and food has a physical impact on the body. We are energetic beings with a frequency that emanates internally and externally.

Let’s take emotions for example. Emotions have a frequency, and each organ produces different emotions. Anxiety is produced by the spleen and stomach. Feeling an emotion in excess over a period of time can make the emotion get logged in the body. Anxiety will then create digestive issues and could throw the back out causing a subluxation, or partial dislocation. Emotions are part of us being human. We can’t avoid being emotional beings but feeling an emotion strongly for a period of time will create havoc and end in physical discomfort.

What I see a lot of, energetically speaking, is people walk around feeling like they are wrapped up in cling wrap, feeling suffocated and overwhelmed. What helps is visualizing you have a hula hoop around you. That is your energy space around you in which you show up in the world. Take deep, slow breaths and expand your being, visualizing that you are “see through” so energy gently moves through you and does not lodge in you and cling to you.

This is where your body worker, along with yoga and exercise, will help move energy through the body so it keeps fresh and new energy flowing. Cultivating energy in the form of food, movement and body work is a must.