By Renae Corvi

Each time I go for a walk I feel more connected to the earth and less connected to the internet.

I’d much rather listen to birds than notifications. Look down at a flowing creek instead of my phone. Admire a variety of flowers instead of a variety of items to purchase with just one click.

Nature can be healing in so many ways. It can reduce stress, reboot the soul and slow us down from a hectic world. During my walk this week, I spotted some Spanish moss that I pulled from a tree. I picked up acorns from the ground and snapped off some bare branches from the brush. I pulled a floating piece of bark from the creek and whipped it down. I snatched them all up and carried them home.

My walk was calming and peaceful. I could feel the stress melting away. I wanted to take each piece home with me.

When I returned home I spotted some logs in our side yard. I asked my husband to get out his chainsaw and cut a circle off at the end of the log. It was perfect. I gathered up some roses I had drying in the sun and carried everything inside. I simply repurposed each piece pairing them together with a few cherished items.

There is evidence that spending time outdoors is good for your mental health and well-being. So why not bring some of the outdoors indoors!

About the Author: Renae Corvi

A resident of Southwest Florida, Renae has a passion for upcycling and bringing awareness to sustainable living. She has a passion for decorating and helping others and a lifetime of experience saving items from landfills by repurposing them into beautiful creations. She has been featured on local news channels delivering segments on sustainability and has held bootcamps on how to think outside of the box to live a more sustainable lifestyle, save money, and have fun. She has worked with Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida to become a “Goodwill Guru” and filmed a story about the Goodwill Guru Paris café, a means to encourage others to shop, donate, and change lives through the nonprofit retailer. Renae volunteers with the Annual Festival of Trees in downtown Fort Myers, at Sidne & Berne Davis Art Center and with the Florida Repertory Theater. Read previous article.