Lloyd Duhon is a 20-year IT industry veteran. As an entrepreneur, Lloyd has created the IT lifecycle management business Computer Heaven of SWFL. Lloyd and his company design, build, manage and recycle all of the Information Technology products used in many local schools, hotels, restaurants and small businesses. Lloyd speaks, blogs, writes articles and makes various media productions to assist with STEM education for young people and adults.

Lloyd is also the founder of Maker Space Academy video series. This video series encapsulates instructions for the many and varied skills needed for modern manufacturing techniques and targets individuals interested in improving their STEM knowledge and maker skills. He takes a particular approach to using many of the formerly discarded IT assets and converting them into learning opportunities for budding makers.

Lloyd can be found on the web at https://lloydduhon.com/, on Twitter as @radioastro, Google+ as +LloydDuhon and Facebook https://facebook.com/lloyd.duhon.