Mobile Greens Wellness, a health food growing and delivery service, will soon be hitting the streets of Central Florida, bringing nutrient-packed microgreens to farmers markets, restaurants, schools and even neighborhoods all around Orlando. The eco-friendly trailer will also offer healthy smoothies and cold brew coffee.

Microgreens are one of the newest crazes in health, green living and fine dining. Seedlings from plants such as peas, kale, broccoli, amaranth, radishes and sunflowers are grown in trays and harvested when they are less than 14 days old. The entire plant can be eaten, and they can be added to smoothies, put in salads, or added to dishes for delicate texture and incredible flavor.

Experts say they are a superfood packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, even offering up to 40 times the nutrition of an adult plant.

With Mobile Greens Wellness, people can purchase their trays and pick them up at regular stops throughout the week around Central Florida.

“Mobile Greens Wellness turns people’s pantries into a living pantry,” said Sherri Eisenhuth, the company’s COO. “We not only want to help people get healthier, we’re on a mission to inspire and empower by promoting local food, water and energy production through our methods, products and education.”

The Mobile Greens “Superfood Wellness Wagon™” is powered by solar technology and equipped with atmospheric water generation and a water filtration system that will allow operators to use the purest water possible in all of its offerings.

“Sustainability doesn’t have to be hard. Delicious and nutritious food should be growing everywhere,” Eisenhuth said. “Our CEO, after planting over 4,000 fruit trees and edible landscapes in his time in Costa Rica, has realized how important and easy local food production can be. We have learned a lot.”

Customers can also purchase the equipment used on the truck for their own homes. Microgreen trays will be ordered in advance and will be available in half and full trays.

Mobile Greens Wellness’ “Superfood Wellness Wagon™” is a proof of concept, self-contained demonstration and education platform providing sustainable food, water and energy solutions.

Our “Superfood Wellness Wagon™” is made up of five essential ingredients that allow the production of the five quintessential specials that can be served at farmers markets, schools, businesses and anywhere the Superfood Wellness Wagon™ can park.

Utilizing its on-board state of the art technology including solar array panels, atmospheric water generation, and water filtrations systems, you can enjoy some of the freshest and healthiest fare available, reconsidering the way you eat and think about food. MGW’s initial offerings will include microgreen trays, smoothies, cold-brew coffee and salads.

Mobile Greens Wellness is as focused on nourishing the body as it is about educating the mind on the possibilities, opportunities and solutions that are readily available to change the current state of how we all see food, water and energy today. For more information, please visit