From Biomass to Blood Sugar Balance: How Florida BioProcessing’s Xylose Aims to Revolutionize Diabetic Health and Sustainability

December 6, 2023|1 Comment

By Ryan Dominguez-Sandru Xylose: A Sweeter Future for Diabetics In a world where the quest for healthy living often clashes with the love for sweet indulgences, Florida BioProcessing (FBP) presents a groundbreaking solution: Xylose. This low-calorie, natural sugar, derived from biomass, isn't just a product — it's a beacon of [...]

The Art of Upcycling

August 16, 2023|0 Comments

By Renae CorviEver wonder how two people can look at the same exact thing and see something completely different?My creative side allows me to see things differently than most and allows me to make my ideas come to fruition. This comes in handy when it comes to my passion for [...]

Hub50House: Reflective Silvery Window Walls

March 22, 2023|0 Comments

By Joshua Bowditch Hub50House: Reflective Silvery Window Walls There are several options that architects have for designing the exterior of a building, but perhaps the most efficient in regards to sustainability is with expansive glass systems such as the ES-W725 used at Hub50House. Overall, the design features a general rhythm [...]

A Personal Journey to Good Health by Gary Mooney

October 28, 2016|0 Comments

May 6 On April 28, I attended the Southwest Florida Sustainability Summit, going to the Healthy Lee session. Healthy Lee is a collaboration of businesses, healthcare facilitators, religious leaders, education systems, municipalities, physicians, and others who work to reduce healthcare costs, improve nutrition and active lifestyles, and enhance medical record [...]

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