Robert Wanvestraut is the Senior Conservation Analyst at the South Florida Water Management District.  Robert was a contributing author of the agency’s Water Conservation Comprehensive Program for South Florida (adopted in 2008) and currently directs the implementation of several of the program’s campaign strategies.

Those strategies bring Robert in direct contact with local utilities, local municipalities, homeowner associations and the commercial sector to foster water conservation within the sixteen counties under the District’s jurisdiction.

He is the first author of the Water Efficiency Improvement, Self-Conducted Water Audit Guide for Commercial and Institutional Facility Managers, the program manager for the District’s Water Savings Incentive Program, the Water Conservation Hotel and Motel Program (a.k.a. Water CHAMP), and the Program Administrator for the Florida Water Star Program.  Robert is an active member of the Florida Section of the American Water Works Association’s Water Use Efficiency Division and the Alliance for Water Efficiency’s Research Committee.

Mr. Wanvestraut holds a bachelor’s degree in Water Resource Management from State University of New York at Oneonta, a master’s degree in Forest Resources and Conservation from the University of Florida.