Sustainable Art, Calligraphy, and Upcycling is Passion in Life

My Story About How it All Started

As a calligrapher, I have developed a natural love for paper through the years. I was making art cards when my mentor suggested that I have one framed to show me that my mini art cards could be something more than just a card. Her confidence in my ability to do more was the push that I needed to explore more avenues of the art world. With my history with paper, I started to explore the whole new world that has opened up to me.

The very first time I had the courage to show my work was in an exhibit put on by the Fine Craft Guild. I won the “Purchase Award.”

The art world was getting bigger and I was gaining more confidence when trying new things. I began to experiment with different media and see when it took me on this most intriguing journey. Then in my research I discovered “eggshell mosaics.” I found that this form of art dates back to the Renaissance era. The materials have changed over the years and new techniques have been developed along the way. I have been able to apply the eggshells to a large variety of materials, which gave each piece a different look. I have come up with the “Eye-Con” which is a recycled eyeglass lens which has eggshell mosaics applied to it. I have made them into pendants and sell them in my online store.

I’ve taught paper making, ways to decorate paper with outrageous household items, tea bag folding, origami and calligraphy, as well as some specialty lettering for scrap booking. I’ve taught at the Cape Coral Arts Studio, Big Arts on Sanibel, JoAnn’s, Michaels and give private lessons. I will be teaching my favorite class called “Outrageous Ways to Decorate Paper” next month at the Alliance of the Arts in Fort Myers. I am a member of the Southwest Florida Fine Craft Guild and have shown my artwork in many galleries here in Southwest Florida.

I have been involved with Ding Darling’s Upcycle Art Show for two years, showing the public how recycling even the eggshell can produce beautiful artwork and still be helping Mother Nature save our planet. This past year I was one of many artists who displayed their artwork at the Sustainability Conference at Harborside. There I was able to show and tell people about how, even in my small way, you can use the principals by which I try to live my life.

Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse.

This month I will be celebrating a large number birthday – my eightieth birthday in fact. During these past twenty years here in sunny Southwest Florida, one can reinvent oneself and enjoy each and every day knowing that there is a new adventure out there.

One only needs the courage to open the door.