Sustainable Art to Rest Your Head On: Can’t Resist Pillows


Rest Your Weary Head on “Can’t Resist Pillows”

Sheri Levine is an artisan and craftswoman who creates wonderful pillows from high end scraps of fabric. She worked in the drapery business in Boston for the past thirty years and is now living in beautiful southwest Florida with her husband, Mark. Sheri developed her love of fabrics while surrounded by rich textures and vibrant prints used for draperies and bedding for her affluent clients in the Boston area.

Sheri also has a passion for recycling and saw a perfect use for drapery workroom scraps. She rescues these unwanted scraps from the cutting room floor allowing her to create unique pillows from extremely expensive fabrics from the best New York fabric houses.


Each pillow is personalized and often one of a kind. Sheri uses a three inch jute strap to hand print a “happy” word that works with the fabric pattern. The rough jute is an unexpected contrast to the rich fabric. A select collection of patterns is offered on the “online Store” and each pillow may
be custom printed.

Folks can find Sheri at one of her local shows for a wide and unique selection of pillows to buy and rest their heads. Sheri has come full circle in her love of textiles. From creating and designing window treatments to using the scraps of those designs to create a new and unique personalized pillow style.

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  1. Wow Nice Pillows, Really “Can’t resist” them.
    I like pillows with sea themed style like mermaid pillows, crab pillows, sea horse pillows etc.

    Great work Sheri.


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