Top 10 Reasons to Buy Your Tickets Today!


Top 10 Reasons You Should Buy Have Bought Your Tickets Now for the 2015 SWFL Sustainability Summit

  1. Where else can you get breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack (along with a fun day off of work) all for just $50?
  2. All six Lee County mayors will be attending and you will have the opportunity to discuss the important issues affecting SWFL with them during facilitated discussion.
  3. The Summit benefits the Imaginarium in downtown Fort Myers, which brings these same ideas about sustainability to kids every single day.
  4. Tickets may run out before you buy yours (a total of only 200 seats are available)!
  5. Past Apex Award Winners Mei-Mei Chan from the News-Press and Sarah Owen from the SWFL Community Foundation will tackle hard issues.
  6. The Summit is on Thursday which gives you a good start for a long weekend (take Friday off of work and head out to the SWFL beaches)!
  7. Enjoy cocktail hour with SWFL decision makers.
  8. Peruse the sustainable art gallery where you can vote for your favorite artist’s work.
  9. Visit with sustainable business owners in the gallery and foyer at Harborside and learn what makes their product or service exceptional.
  10. Be a part of the movement in SWFL that brings people together to talk about the big issues that affect quality of life for today & tomorrow.

These are Our Top 10 Reasons to buy your tickets today!

Get Your Tickets Now!


  1. Dear SWFL, I am a visual artist working on these issues and have visual art. I am pre postmodern BFA and studied with Guggenheum Fellow Mamie Holst for five recent years. I would love to participate as a visual artist, is this possible? Thank you very much for all you do. Mark Cranford


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