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The WeVets Veteran Pledge is a commitment for people who want to make a difference by supporting Veterans. Standing together we can accomplish so much more. Join us today and pledge to:

WeVets Pledge


WeVets Veteran Pledge

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    By submitting your name here, you give SWFL Sustainability, LLC the right to publish your first name on this page and share your contact information with WeVets.us. If you do not want your name published on this web page or contact information to be shared with WeVets.us, please do not submit your name.

    ABOUT WeVets.us: WeVets is the best way to rate businesses, organizations, and resources that serve you. Use it to search and rate everything from veteran supportive restaurants to medical facilities. Join WeVets.us today to make a difference!



    1. […] WeVets and SWFL Sustainability announced the “Major General James L. Dozier” Award for Veteran Support. This award will recognize one outstanding nonprofit and one for-profit business who has proven their commitment to veterans ranging from support programs, scholarships, to employment. We are proud to announce that General Jim Dozier, a local hero, will chair the review committee made up of community and business leaders. […]


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